Carry On Educational Program

Episode 1: Alex Kusturok, Live 9/14/20, 11am
Episode 2: Jake Kouwe,  Live 9/21/20, 11am
Episode 3: Tatiana Hargreaves,  Live 9/28/20, 11am
Episode 4: Hubby Jenkins,   Live 10/5/20, 11am


Carry On

Traditional music and the people who make it

Tune in from your classroom or home and discover a world of traditional music!

Carry On is a weekly, 30-minute YouTube Live program for 6th-12th grade students hosted by musical explorer and TikTok sensation Hal Walker. Each episode, Hal will interview a musician who plays traditional music.  Musicians will be selected by Laura Lewis, artistic director of the Lake Erie Folk Fest. Get ready to learn about exciting cultural traditions from across the US and around the globe including Cajun, Bluegrass, Hawaiian, Blues, Irish, Native American, Mexican, Old-time, and much more.

Weekly programs will be live on YouTube allowing students to interact with comments and questions.  After the live broadcast, the programs will be archived for later viewing and discussion.  The program will launch its first program on September 14th and run throughout the school year.

Visit the Carry On YouTube Channel to watch programs. and for more info email

Episode 1: Alex Kusturok

Mon, 9/14/20, 11am

Alex Kusturok is a 3rd generation fiddler from Winnipeg, Manitoba. His passionate playing is influenced by Quebecois and Cape Breton fiddle styles, but his Métis culture remains at the forefront of his playing.  Click here to watch.  Click here to watch Carry On – Episode #1.

Episode 2: Jake Kouwe

Mon, 9/21/20, 11am

Jake Kouwe is the founder and leader of the Chardon Polka Band, a group he founded  in 2003 with the help of four high school friends. As the story goes, “There was no room for an accordion in the marching band…. so he started a polka band.”  Click here to watch Carry On – Episode #2.

Episode 3: Tatiana Hargreaves

Mon, 9/28/20, 11am

Tatiana Hargreaves is on the forefront of an up and coming generation of old time, bluegrass and new acoustic musicians. She currently  teaches bluegrass fiddle at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and tours with banjo player Allison de Groot. Click here to watch Carry On Episode #3.

Episode 4: Hubby Jenkins

Mon, 9/21/20, 11am

Hubby Jenkins is a multi-instrumentalist from Brooklyn who follows the thread of Black history that is woven through America’s traditional music forms. He has performed at festivals and venues around the world and is a Grammy and Americana award nominated artist. Click here to watch Carry On – Episode #4.

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