In addition to the jams below, we’re setting up an extra tent for Irish and dulcimer music. No schedule, no leaders – just a tent specifically for rousing Irish and dulcimer jamming! We’ll see what happens.

Also of course there is popup jamming anywhere – outside, indoors, in the hallways, wherever you may go . . .


Scheduled Jams

Noon – 1:45pm    Old-Time JamMark Laskey

1pm – 1:45pm   Old-Time Slow JamKen Roby

2pm – 2:45pm   Bluegrass Slow JamDavid Mayfield

3pm – 3:45pm   Western Swing JamBob Yocum, Woodpeckers

4pm – 4:45pm   Old-Time JamDon Landies, Family Dog

4pm – 4:45pm   (Banjo Room)   Old-Time Banjo Jam, Claw Hammer & Three FingerMark Olitsky,  Paul Kovac & David Mayfield

4pm – 4:45pm    Youth Jam Ages 13 and upSheela Das  (For ALL INSTRUMENTS, indoors in the Ukulele Room)