(Daytime concerts; Matt Watroba, emcee)

Kate KooserNoon – 12:45pm Kate Kooser & Matt Harmon

Kate Kooser performs mostly folk and country music, drawing influences from the Texas songwriter traditions and contemporary folk artists. Shes performs around Cleveland in place like Nighttown and the G.A.R. Hall in Peninsula. . You can also hear Kate as a part of the duo Juniper Dust, performing two part harmonies and guitar work with Matt Harmon.Matt Harmon

Video: “Let Me Go,” Kate Kooser

From Matt Harmon:

Today, I have no delusions of grandeur. As a kid, sure, I wanted to rock the big arenas. But now, I’m happy working out a new tune while my dog snores away on the couch. In an era where music is readily available for streaming, I have achieved the greatest possible success simply by lowering the bar that defines it. This is not to say I’ve given up on the dream. It’s just that I’ve refocused my objectives. I want the last song I wrote to be the best song I’ve written.

Video: “A Plan to Save the World,” Matt Harmon



Woodpeckers band1pm – 1:45pm   Woodpeckers, Bob Yocum

Members of numerous past & present bands & based in Lake County, Ohio, the Woodpeckers play familiar tunes from all over the map: an eclectic mix of swing, country, pop, rock, bluegrass, folk, R&B and whatever else might sound appealing!

Video: “Crazy Over You,” The Woodpeckers at Willowick Lounge



2pm – 2:45pm   Family Dog, Don Landies

“The artistic focus of The Family Dog is a cross section of roots, blues, folk and gospel music. We are also proud of our original compositions which never fail to transport us and our audiences to a better place . . .  We have found these adventures and our time together to be the anti-venom to the sting of life, full of respect and love; commodities that at times seem rare as ivory.”   –The Family Dog

Video: “Deep Elem Blues, Family Dog



3pm – 3:45pm   Thorne Musica, Paul Kovac & Carrie King

The duo of Caroline King & Paul Kovac perform exotic-sounding instrumental music from many European traditions, as well as from South & North America. They perform tangos, mazurkas, waltzes, jigs & reels, and many other song styles, on piano, violin, accordion, guitar, mandolin, ukulele & banjo.

Video: Thorne Musica Sampler




Hal Walker and Friends cap the Day Program at the Blue Sky with a performance at 4 p.m.
Hal Walker and Friends cap the Day Program at the Blue Sky with a performance at 4 p.m.

4pm – 4:45pm   Hal Walker and Friends

Hal Walker is a singer, songwriter and musical explorer. He writes songs that will touch your soul, celebrating community, diversity and the creative process.

Video: “Stronger Together,”  Hal Walker and Friends