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Blue Sky 2019 ScheduleClick on the schedule or scroll down for our schedule of performances, jams and workshops. We’ve added a Contra Dance track this year! 

Don’t forget to check out the evening concert with headliner Madison Violet, indie folk duo from Toronto.

Auditorium Stage 

(Daytime concerts; Matt Watroba, emcee)

Noon – 12:45pm Kate Kooser & Matt Harmon

1pm – 1:45pm   Woodpeckers, Bob Yocum

2pm – 2:45pm   Family Dog, Don Landies

3pm – 3:45pm   Thorne Musica, with Paul Kovac & Carrie King

4pm – 4:45pm   Hal Walker and Friends


Acoustic Stage (Lobby)

1pm – 1:20pm   Matt & Kim Watroba

1:25pm – 1:45pm   Jim Volk

2pm – 2:20pm   Kate Kooser

2:25pm – 2:45pm   Scott & Tyler Franklin

3pm – 3:20pm   David Mayfield

3:25pm – 3:45pm   Bob Sandham

4pm – 4:20pm   Matt Harmon

4:25pm – 4:45pm   Bob & Lenora Yocum



Contra Dance Room

Noon – 12:45pm   Contra Dancing Made Easy, Bill O’Connor

1pm – 1:45pm   Contra Dance, Kenny Wilson

2pm – 2:45pm   Basic Folk Waltz, Bill O’Connor & Carol Kopp

3pm – 3:45pm   Contra Dance (no walk-throughs), Carol Kopp

4pm – 4:45pm   Contra Dance – Fun and Fantastical, Carol Kopp


Guitar Room

Noon – 12:45pm  Beginning Guitar for Scared Adults & Curious Kids/Teens  (music students encouraged), Scott Franklin

1pm – 1:45pm   Finger Picking for Those Who Only Strum, Bob Sandham

2pm – 2:45pm   How to Play/Accompany as the 2nd Guitar, Bob Sandham

3pm – 3:45pm   Traditional & Modern Finger Style, Jim Volk

4pm – 4:45pm   Practical Open Tuning (it’s easier than you think), Jim Volk


Ukulele Room

Noon – 12:45pm   Ukulele for All, Sheela Das

1pm – 1:45pm   Strum Your Way to the Top! Mark Laskey

2pm – 2:45pm   Finger Picking on the ‘Ukulele, Mark Laskey

3pm – 3:45pm   Blue Uke Special, Mark Laskey

4pm – 4:45pm   Youth Jam Ages 13 and up, Sheela Das


Banjo Room

Noon – 12:45pm  The History of the Banjo, Doug Unger (held at his booth)

1pm – 1:45pm   Claw Hammer Banjo from Scratch (for all beginners), Mark Olitsky

2pm – 2:45pm   Drop Thumb Palooza for Claw Hammer Banjo, Doug Unger & Paul Kovac

3pm – 3:45pm   Finer Details of Claw Hammer Banjo, Mark Olitsky

4pm – 4:45pm   Old Time Banjo Jam, Claw Hammer and Three Finger, Mark Olitsky, Paul Kovac, & David Mayfield

Vocal Room

Noon – 12:45pm   Community Sing, Matt Watroba

1pm – 1:45pm   Vocal Health for Folk Singers, Kate Kooser

2pm – 2:45pm   Creative Word Play in Song Writing, Matt Harmon

3pm – 3:45pm   Song Writing, Scott Franklin

4pm – 4:45pm  Song Writing, Charlie Mosbrook



Noon – 1:45pm    Old-Time Jam, Mark Laskey

1pm – 1:45pm   Old-Time Slow Jam, Ken Roby

2pm – 2:45pm   Bluegrass Slow Jam, David Mayfield

3pm – 3:45pm   Western Swing Jam, Bob Yocum, Woodpeckers

4pm – 4:45pm   Old-Time Jam, Don Landies, Family Dog

4pm – 4:45pm   (Banjo Room)   Old-Time Banjo Jam, Claw Hammer & Three Finger, Mark Olitsky, Paul Kovac & David Mayfield

4pm – 4:45pm  (Ukulele Room)   Youth Jam Ages 13 and up, Sheela Das


Kids Tent

1pm – 1:20pm    Funny Songs, Some Participatory, Scott Franklin

2pm – 2:20pm   Music That Fits in Your Pocket: Make Your Own Musical Instrument with Hal, Hal Walker

3pm – 3:20pm   Music That Fits in Your Pocket: Cool Music Tricks, Hal Walker

4pm – 4:20pm   More Funny Songs, Some Participatory, Scott Franklin


9th Annual Blue Sky Sponsors
Ohio Arts Council Remarkable Lake County Village Blacksmith, Inc. Eileen M. Burkhart An Anonymous Donor Advised Fund



Please donate to Northeast Ohio Musical Heritage Association to help ensure the vitality of folk music in Northeast Ohio!