Blue Sky 2019 ScheduleClick on the schedule or scroll down for our schedule of performances, jams and workshops. We’ve added a Contra Dance track this year! 

Don’t forget to check out the evening concert with headliner Madison Violet, indie folk duo from Toronto.

Auditorium Stage 

(Daytime concerts; Matt Watroba, emcee)

Noon – 12:45pm Kate Kooser & Matt Harmon

1pm – 1:45pm   Woodpeckers, Bob Yocum

2pm – 2:45pm   Family Dog, Don Landies

3pm – 3:45pm   Thorne Musica, with Paul Kovac & Carrie King

4pm – 4:45pm   Hal Walker and Friends


Acoustic Stage (Lobby)

1pm – 1:20pm   Matt & Kim Watroba

1:25pm – 1:45pm   Jim Volk

2pm – 2:20pm   Kate Kooser

2:25pm – 2:45pm   Scott & Tyler Franklin

3pm – 3:20pm   David Mayfield

3:25pm – 3:45pm   Bob Sandham

4pm – 4:20pm   Matt Harmon

4:25pm – 4:45pm   Bob & Lenora Yocum



Contra Dance Room

Noon – 12:45pm   Contra Dancing Made Easy, Bill O’Connor

1pm – 1:45pm   Contra Dance, Kenny Wilson

2pm – 2:45pm   Basic Folk Waltz, Bill O’Connor & Carol Kopp

3pm – 3:45pm   Contra Dance (no walk-throughs), Carol Kopp

4pm – 4:45pm   Contra Dance – Fun and Fantastical, Carol Kopp


Guitar Room

Noon – 12:45pm  Beginning Guitar for Scared Adults & Curious Kids/Teens  (music students encouraged), Scott Franklin

1pm – 1:45pm   Finger Picking for Those Who Only Strum, Bob Sandham

2pm – 2:45pm   How to Play/Accompany as the 2nd Guitar, Bob Sandham

3pm – 3:45pm   Traditional & Modern Finger Style, Jim Volk

4pm – 4:45pm   Practical Open Tuning (it’s easier than you think), Jim Volk


Ukulele Room

Noon – 12:45pm   Ukulele for All, Sheela Das

1pm – 1:45pm   Strum Your Way to the Top! Mark Laskey

2pm – 2:45pm   Finger Picking on the ‘Ukulele, Mark Laskey

3pm – 3:45pm   Blue Uke Special, Mark Laskey

4pm – 4:45pm   Youth Jam Ages 13 and up, Sheela Das


Banjo Room

Noon – 12:45pm  The History of the Banjo, Doug Unger (held at his booth)

1pm – 1:45pm   Claw Hammer Banjo from Scratch (for all beginners), Mark Olitsky

2pm – 2:45pm   Drop Thumb Palooza for Claw Hammer Banjo, Doug Unger & Paul Kovac

3pm – 3:45pm   Finer Details of Claw Hammer Banjo, Mark Olitsky

4pm – 4:45pm   Old Time Banjo Jam, Claw Hammer and Three Finger, Mark Olitsky, Paul Kovac, & David Mayfield

Vocal Room

Noon – 12:45pm   Community Sing, Matt Watroba

1pm – 1:45pm   Vocal Health for Folk Singers, Kate Kooser

2pm – 2:45pm   Creative Word Play in Song Writing, Matt Harmon

3pm – 3:45pm   Song Writing, Scott Franklin

4pm – 4:45pm  Song Writing, Charlie Mosbrook



Noon – 1:45pm    Old-Time Jam, Mark Laskey

1pm – 1:45pm   Old-Time Slow Jam, Ken Roby

2pm – 2:45pm   Bluegrass Slow Jam, David Mayfield

3pm – 3:45pm   Western Swing Jam, Bob Yocum, Woodpeckers

4pm – 4:45pm   Old-Time Jam, Don Landies, Family Dog

4pm – 4:45pm   (Banjo Room)   Old-Time Banjo Jam, Claw Hammer & Three Finger, Mark Olitsky, Paul Kovac & David Mayfield

4pm – 4:45pm  (Ukulele Room)   Youth Jam Ages 13 and up, Sheela Das


Kids Tent

1pm – 1:20pm    Funny Songs, Some Participatory, Scott Franklin

2pm – 2:20pm   Music That Fits in Your Pocket: Make Your Own Musical Instrument with Hal, Hal Walker

3pm – 3:20pm   Music That Fits in Your Pocket: Cool Music Tricks, Hal Walker

4pm – 4:20pm   More Funny Songs, Some Participatory, Scott Franklin